Company Description and History

Plumbing_actionATCS strives to be the leader in swimming pool operation and professional lifeguard certifications. We offer classes and in-service training in swimming pool operation, lifeguard training, CPR, first aid, water safety instruction, and stroke development. In addition, our company is available to consult on the upkeep of existing facilities, the planning for future water features, and the emergency readiness of swimming pool staffs.

Aquatic Training & Consulting Services is a family owned business operated by Rob and Elizabeth Fox. Rob Fox is an experienced swimming pool management professional and former executive of the largest swimming pool management company in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. Aquatics has been the focus of his life since a very young age. He was a competitive swimmer and was the captain of the University of Maryland swim team. Elizabeth has been an ATCS instructor since 2008 and has had the opportunity to teach American Red Cross lifeguarding all over the world.

One of our company’s goals is to offer a nationally recognized pool operator curriculum. As a result, we are proud to offer a National Swimming Pool Management Certificate that not only meets the needs of local lifeguards but also caters to the specific needs of the hotel, lodging and recreation industries. Fox has authored his own swimming pool operation manual and began offering one of the most complete and highly regarded certified pool operator courses in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Maryland State Health Department recognized Aquatic Training Services Certified Pool Operator Course as meeting the state regulations for teaching swimming pool operation. Following this approval, ATCS was accepted by all county health departments in Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Delaware.

Aquatic Training & Consulting Services was recognized by the Frederick County Health Department as their pool operator course of choice, in addition, ATCS has been contracted by many of the local swimming pool management companies as their American Red Cross Instructor Trainer for Lifeguarding Training and CPR for the Professional Rescuer.