Pool Operator Certification

All jurisdictions in the Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area require that each swimming pool be under the direction of a certified swimming pool operator. Aquatic Training & Consulting Services provides the most complete swimming pool operation training in the area.

Courses provide 14 hours of instruction on basic pool management, water chemistry, disinfection, water circulation, and filtration. This course prepares you, not only for the certified pool operator exam, but gives you the practical knowledge needed to effectively run your facility. In addition, ATCS covers the appropriate codes and general guidelines for your particular situation.

Courses are scheduled on an on-going basis through Virginia and Maryland. On-site courses are also available and allow for your staff to receive site specific training while reducing travel time and expense.

Aquatic Training & Consulting Services also provides recertification courses.  All review classes are listed at the bottom of the page.  You are not required to take any class in the jurisdiction where you are located.  All classes provide information on all local jurisdiction health codes.

Course Documents

Policies and Procedures
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On-Site Pool Operator Training

Full Pool Operator Classes are listed first.  Recertification classes need to scroll to bottom.

Full Pool Operator Classes      Review Pool Operator Classes